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Quotes My little boy has grown (about 2kg) and is full of mischief. He has a lovely colouring and according to my sister-in-law (breeds Golden Retrievers and judges shows (has just passed on this breed)) says that he would definately meet all of the criteria for a show dog. But I am very happy with him as a companion. Quotes
Vicki & Ziggy

Quotes Hi Tracey, Just touching base. Tommy is doing fantastic! We are so in love with him. He has been such a good boy since the first night. He goes to bed around 9 and doesnt wake up till about 5am...Wakes up about once in the middle of the night to go to his paper but thats about it. We cant thank you enough for Tommy. We look at him every night and think how lucky we were to find such a great puppy. He has learned to catch and bring back the ball now which he loves. All he wants to do is play! Have a great day Holly, Matt & Tommy :) Quotes
Holly, Matt & Tommy :)

Quotes Dear, Tracy I am just writing to let you know that Annabelle got her vaccination on Saturday. The vet said she is a very healthy puppy and commented on what an attractive and high-quality Chihuahua she was he also said that she would make a good show dog because she has a fantastic bone structure everyone at the vets said they had never seen such a unique Chihuahua especially her blue-eyes and her coat colouring. So I think you might get a lot of customers from Melbourne in the future. Other than I cannot thank you enough for her she is absolutely gorgeous and has the best personality. Kind regards and best wishes: Quotes

Quotes Dear Tracy, thank you so much for my beautiful puppy Annabelle she is absolutely gorgeous and is of the highest quality chihuahua long haired I have ever seen and I have had Chihuahuas for 20 years now. I would definitely recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a high quality pedigree chihuahua and you can tell that Tracy is a hands-on breeder as Annabelle is well socialized and toilet trained with a loving nature. annabelle was worth the extra $180 to get her sent out to me in Melbourne, the quality of Chihuahuas in Melbourne do not even come close to the quality of Tracy's chihuahuas. Annabelle is like a little light in our lives after losing my other chihuahua recently. she is so cute and playful and loves giving us all hugs and kisses there are not enough words to explain how much we already love this beautiful little puppy she is just absolutely gorgeous. Many thanks and kind regards: from the Agius family. Quotes
Vicky Agius

Quotes Hi I am the new parent of the gorgeous Miss Lilli and would like to say to any persons looking at getting one of this breeders puppies to go ahead and make the decision as we are 200% glad we got one of their puppies and would defintely recommend the puppies and Breeder. Quotes
Kimberly Harding

Quotes Hi Tracey, Just letting you know that "Koopa" has settled in perfectly at our house. And thank you for raising such good little puppies! As soon as I put newspaper down for him he went on it straight away. He's only had one small 'accident' but I think he just forgot where his paper was so we just kept reminding him every now and then and he's been finding it himself ever since. He even went and had a no. 2 on there by himself. He is so well behaved! He loves cuddles and is enjoying all the attention he's getting from all four of us too. Thanks again for doing such a great job with him. All the best for the New Year Quotes
Rachel & Family

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