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Quotes Hi Tracey. Just wanted to let you know Lexus is doing well and i dont think I could love her more!! She has the most beutiful temperment and follows mummy everywhere!:) Your after care and consistant advice has been excellent!! I would recommend you to anyone looking for excellent healthy puppies. Kind regards, Jessie and Lexus xx Quotes
very happy with my little baby

Quotes Hi just wanted to let you know about Poppy who I bought a couple of years ago. she is doing really well, she is a loving and very cute dog thank you for all your help during the time of purchase. thanks again Quotes

Quotes Dear Tracey, We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase the most beautiful,most amazingly cute,most beautiful natured chihahua from you recently."Peaches"' has really brought alot of joy to our family.She has settled in amazingly well into our home and our lives,and is a constant source of happiness for all of us.I cannot thank you enough for the amazing gift you have given us.Everywhere we take her people are both besotted with her and amazed at how friendly and well behaved she is. Everyone that meets Peaches wants to steal her and take her home with them lol. She really is a little bundle of love.Thank you so much Tracey for allowing us to share with you our love for Peaches and all the amazing advice and help youve given us with her.We are reccomending you to everyone we know that is interested in purchasing a dog Quotes
nikki kenyon

Quotes Dear Tracey, Just a note about our dear Cosmo. He is the most charming delightful, dear member of our family. Thank you for such a healthy & sweet tempered puppy. He follows Brad and I everywhere. We take Cosmo for walks every day & he is extremely brave, He is an incredible guard dog & lets me know of any disturbances. He has a wonderful spirit of happiness & affection. Bella (our 8yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) has taken on a new lease of life since the arrival of Cosmo. They play together all day. When he wants to play he tugs at Bella's long ears making squeaky noises till she gives in & plays. Cosmo loves chewing bones & has a basket full of colourful toys. Cosmo & Bella are devoted to each other. Cosmo will not go on walks without Bella & waits for her to catch up if she lags behind. They both sleep on our bed! Cosmo is like a sweet fluffy water-bottle nestling against you, & he wakes us up with a clown-like smile every morning. All the best & thank you again for Cosmo. Quotes
Lynette Carter

Quotes Hi Tracey, The boys are doing great, absolute little angels! Very cheeky, extremely playful, very affectionate (especially Coyote) and at the end of the day always mummy's boys! They entertain me and my other two dogs for hours. In fact Wiley and my pom Cooper have formed a very tight bond. When I took Wiley to the vet to be desexed, Cooper went crazy, he was howling and trying to smash the window, he didn't want Wiley to go anywhere without him. So cute! Coyote is definately the most attached to me compared to the other three. I didn't think a dog could get any more attached to me than my other chi David, but David is more interested in guarding me constantly, whereas Coyote is just after constant cuddles. Wiley is quite defiant and has a lot of attitude, he is definately the pack leader (aside from me). Wiley tends to sleep in my neck with Coyote and David on either side of me and Cooper on the pillow next to me (hence why I probably don't have a boyfriend). Quotes
Chihuahua x 2

Quotes Hi Tracey, Cheeka is wonderful, I am just in love with him & so are the kids, he sleeps on my pillow every night & he is the sweetest thing! He doesn't make a noise and sleeps really well. He has really come out of his shell, he runs around and to get me to play with him, he barks, soo cute! I can't imagine not having him around, he is a doll. Thanks so much, he is eating well and is super happy! Quotes

Quotes Hi Tracey, Just wanted to up date you on little princess. She is very well behavioued loves attention. She is allergic to mosqites so we have had a trip to the vet. She is just a doll. Thanks Sam Quotes
Samantha Harris
British Bulldog

Quotes Just an update on Tommy. He is doing fantastic! I can't say enough how much we love him. He is so smart. He gets his toys out of the toy box when he wants to play. At the moment he want's to be brushed all the time so he barks at the brush. Is fully trained on the paper. We have it in the bathroom only and that works fine for him. He gets into everything that he can and will rip up toilet paper till there is no more! He can now jump up and rip the roll of the holder and drag it through the entire house. You cant get mad at him becuase it's just to cute. He has a few best friends on our street. All much bigger than he is. Tommy will go up to any dog no matter the size and want to have a play. He is not afraid of anything. He gets a bath every 2 weeks which he loves. He wants to play in the water all the time. We can't thank you enough for Tommy. He is the love of my life. When we go to bed at night he sleeps in the middle between Matt and I. I hope everything is going well for you. Quotes
Holly, Matt & Tommy

Quotes Hi Tracey, A little note to so thank you, for breeding such a well behaved lovable pup. Little Princess has already became a treasured part of our family. She sit's stays and loves cuddles. I was so nervous about buying a puppy that i was not able to see, or meet the breeder but you made the experience very easy. From flights to payment you were always in contact. She has been to the vet and she won many fans in the waiting room! She is fit and healthy. Thank you again, I will always recommend you as a breeder. The Harris Family Quotes
Samantha Harris
British Bulldog

Quotes Hi Tracey, Just a quick email to update you on Winston's progress. I was a worried that he might be traumatised by the flight but as soon as we saw him he jumped to the front of the crate and started trying to lick our hands. When we got home and he ventured out of his crate to explore his new surrounds, we fed him the Royal Canin and goats milk and he ate it straight away. He then had a play with some of his toys and then had a nap for a couple of hours. I gave him a bath on Wednesday, and he was very well behaved - he actually seemed to enjoy it! He has settled in really well and we both absolutely adore him! Quotes
British Bulldog

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